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We help you in broadening the wings of your business to fly high.

Our team will ensure in implementation of strategy to get desired results.

We evolve your business around industry trends.

Our strategists are always ready to face challenges of market risks and prepared in advance for any direction of an industry trend.

Our services are customizable, confidential and commendable.

We will make strategy implementation simpler for you.


Our partnership will focus on understanding your business and its obstacles, identifying possible risks, hidden potentials, finding solutions and proposing goals with the help of modern analytics. Together, we will be practical change-oriented, focusing on tailored solutions that meet your vision, objectives, and needs.


We will make the project a reality by applying the methodologies and implementing solutions to achieve targets with a results-oriented approach. Our strength lies in a quicker turnaround time and delivering complexity by making it simple for you. Achieving alignment of your expectations with our capabilities is what we will pride ourselves on.


Together we monitor the results, establish accountability, to ensure that they are permanent. At this stage, we will envisage and plan to take your business to the next level. After all a job well done leads to our satisfaction.

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Why choose us?

Our team is here to serve you in your best interest

Our priorities

We work with your management and the operational team to ensure sustainable financial results.

About Atishai

Under Atishai umbrella, integrity and excellence is promised. Atishai is founded by Kaarthick and Preeti Jain, in this journey, Atishai has the support of trusted industry experts and associates, has collective extensive experience in business consulting and advisory. Team Atishai always strive to create unique experiences that deliver on business goals.

Our work is created by putting entrepreneurs and leaders in close contact with a team of advisors with expertise in startup, enterprise, multinational companies, and family-run businesses.

Atishai works across these disciplines to transform great businesses into satisfying, personal experiences that contribute to the business success of our clients.


  • To help entrepreneurs in the journey of idea to startup to expansion.
  • To make strategy implementation effortless.
  • To make expansion and operations comforting for management.
  • To turn a well-established business into a mature firm.


Have a triumphant and versatile global business by employing inventive consulting in ways never done before.


We help businesses to establish, grow and sustain themselves in the industry.

We believe in supporting your business more than serving it.

They work with us